Florida worker files mesothelioma lawsuit

December 18th, 2006

A man in Florida has filed a mesothelioma lawsuit against 143 companies that he claims caused him to be exposed to asbestos. Richard Mahoney alleges that he developed mesothelioma symptoms after nearly 60 years of employment at jobs that involved working with asbestos products. Among the companies named in his mesothelioma lawsuit are DaimlerChrysler, Dow Chemical, Ford Motor Co., General Electric and Goodyear.

According to his mesothelioma lawsuit, Mahoney worked as a boilermaker, gas station attendant, maintenance worker, crane operator, steelworker and at other jobs since the 1940s. He received a mesothelioma diagnosis in July 2006, which forced him to retire.

Mahoney’s mesothelioma lawsuit alleges that the companies who made the asbestos-containing products with which he worked should have known the danger they posed to workers. He says that the companies did not use alternatives to asbestos when they were available and failed to educate workers about how to protect themselves from the dangers of asbestos exposure. Doing so may have prevented his illness, Mahoney’s mesothelioma lawsuit alleges.

Mahoney is seeking damages of $250,000 for negligence and other charges against the companies named in his mesothelioma lawsuit. In addition to this sum, however, his mesothelioma attorney says that punitive damages should be awarded to his client “in order to punish the defendants for willful, wanton, intentional and reckless misconduct.”

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