Montana Asbestos Jobsites

If you or a loved one worked at an asbestos jobsite in Montana—including the Libby W.R. Grace vermiculite mine, railroads, power plants or other jobsites—you may be at risk of developing mesothelioma cancer or other diseases. Workers who have been diagnosed with an asbestos disease that was caused by on-the-job exposure may qualify to file a lawsuit and receive compensation.

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  • Airbase Powerhouse (Glasgow)
  • Alta Montana Company (Wicks)
  • Amalgamated Sugar Company (Whitehall)
  • American Smelting & Refining (East Helena)
  • Anaconda Aluminum Company (Conkelley)
  • Anaconda Aluminum Company Plant (Columbia Falls)
  • Anaconda Copper Ming Company (Silver Lake)
  • Anaconda Copper Mining Company (Anaconda)
  • Anaconda Copper Mining Company (Black Eagle)
  • Anaconda Forest Products (Bonner)
  • Anaconda Smelter (Anaconda)
  • Asarco Inc (East Helena)
  • Boston and Montana Con. Copper and Silver Ming Company (Great Falls)
  • Boston and Montana Consolidated (Black Eagle)
  • Boston and Montana Reduction Department (Black Eagle)
  • Bozeman Montana College (Bozeman)
  • Brick & Builders Supply (Kalispell)
  • Brick & Builders Supply (Kaltspell)
  • Broeder Lumber Company (Creston)
  • C and C Plywood Corp (Kalispell)
  • Cascades Plywood Company (Polson)
  • Cenex Harvest States (Laurel)
  • Cenex Refinery (Laurel)
  • Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific Railroad (Deer Lodge)
  • Colstrip Power Plant (Colstrip)
  • Conrey Peacer Mining Company (Adler)
  • Copper and Silver Mining Company (Black Eagle)
  • Copper and Silver Mining Company (Great Falls)
  • Corette Powerhouse (Billings)
  • Cyprus Industrial Minerals Company (Three Forks)
  • Diehl Lumber Company (Plains)
  • Dupois Lumber Company (Polson)
  • Farmers Union Central Exchange (Laurel)
  • Farmer’s Union Co-Op Oil (Laurel)
  • Forsyth Elect Light Power Company (Forsyth)
  • Forzley Sales Company (Great Falls)
  • Fuce Plant (Laurel)
  • Geismar Industries Inc (Geismar)
  • General Mills (Great Falls)
  • Glacier Production Corp (Cut Bank)
  • Glasgow Air Force Base (Glasgow)
  • Glendive Ht. Light and Power Company (Glendive)
  • Granite Bi Metalic Cons Mg. Company (Philipsburg)
  • Helena Power Transmission Company (Helena)
  • Helena Transmission Company (Helena)
  • Holly Sugar Corporation (Sidney)
  • J. Neils Lumber Company (Troy)
  • J Neil Lumber Company (Libby)
  • Kaiser Cement & Gypsum (Montana City)
  • Midland Sugar Company (Sidney)
  • Montana-Dakota Utilities (Sidney)
  • Montana-Dakota Utilities Company (Glendive)
  • Montana Coal and Iron Company (Washoe)
  • Montana Power & Light Company (Colstrip)
  • Montana Power Company (Colstrip)
  • Montana Refining (Great Falls)
  • Montana State Hospital (Warm Springs)
  • National Mining and Exploring Company (Helena)
  • Northern Pacific Railroad Company (Glendive)
  • Northern Pacific Railway Company (Livingstone)
  • Northern Pacific Railway Company (Mullan Tunnel)
  • Northwestern Improvement Company (Chestnut)
  • Northwestern Improvement Company (Red Lodge)
  • Pack River Lumber Company (Thompson Falls)
  • Phillips Petroleum Company (Great Falls)
  • Plum Creek Lumber Company (Columbia Falls)
  • Saint Regis Paper Company (Libby)
  • Saltenberger Plumbing & Heating (Anaconda)
  • Sidney Montana Powerhouse (Sidney)
  • Sierra Talc and Clay Company Inc (Three Forks)
  • State College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts (Bozeman)
  • Stauffer Chemical Company (Silver Bow)
  • Stone Container Corporation (Frenchtown)
  • Sulphuric Acid Plant (Anaconda)
  • Texaco, Inc. (Sunburst)
  • The Anaconda Company (Anaconda)
  • Union Oil Company (Cut Bank)
  • Union Oil Company (Out Bank)
  • Union Tank Car Company (Laurel)
  • United Sierra Div Cyprus Mines Corp (Three Forks)
  • United States Army Air Base (Great Falls)
  • United States Gypsum Company (Heath)
  • US Air Force (Glasgow)
  • Utah Idaho Sugar Company (Chinook)
  • Warm Springs State Hospital (Warm Springs)
  • Water and Electric Light Company (Miles City)
  • Western Ranch Supply Company (Helena)

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