Asbestos Testing

Workers and other individuals who were exposed to asbestos may be eligible to receive testing at no out of pocket expense to determine whether they may have an asbestos-related disease. Some of the illnesses that have been linked to asbestos exposure include mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer, pleural diseases, lung cancer, stomach cancer and throat cancer.

Individuals who worked with asbestos on the job may qualify for asbestos testing at no out of pocket expense if they were exposed to asbestos before 1982 and for a period of at least five years. Some of the jobsites at which workers may have been exposed to asbestos include aluminum plants, chemical plants, metal works, oil refineries, power plants, shipyards, US Navy or Merchant Marines ships, steel mills, oil rigs and other jobsites.

Asbestos testing sessions are periodically performed by doctors at large hospital in major cities. Workers who qualify may also be able to obtain a voucher in order to obtain private testing at a nearby medical facility.

Individuals who undergo asbestos testing will receive a chest x-ray, which is used to look for the signs of diseases caused by asbestos exposure. After this x-ray is examined by a doctor, individuals may also undergo a pulmonary exam to test their breathing. The information gathered from these two exams will be evaluated by a doctor to make a diagnosis.

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