Navy Submarines

Veterans of the U.S. Navy or Merchant Marines who were exposed to asbestos during their time in the military may be eligible to file a lawsuit.

If you or a loved one served in the Navy or Merchant Marines and have developed an illness linked to asbestos exposure, contact the lawyers at Hissey Kientz, LLP to find out more about a lawsuit. For a free legal consultation, call toll-free at 1-866-275-4454 or by fill out the free case evaluation form located on this page.

USS Albacore SS 218

USS Amber Jack SS 219

USS Angler SS 240

USS Apogon SS 308

USS Archer-Fish SS 311

USS Argonaut SM-1

USS Aspro SS 309

USS Atule SS 403

USS Balao SS 285

USS Bang SS 385

USS Barbel SS 316

USS Barbero SS 317

USS Barb SS 220

USS Baracuda SS 163

USS Bashaw SS 241

USS Bergall SS 320

USS Besugo SS 321

USS Billfish SS 286

USS Blackfin SS 322

USS Blackfish SS 221

USS Blenny SS 324

USS Blower SS 325

USS Burrfish

USS Cabezon

USS Carbonero

USS Guardfish

USS Hake

USS Hammerhead

USS Harder

USS Hardhead

USS Hawkbill

USS Icefish

USS Jack

USS Jallao

USS Kete

USS Kingfish

USS Kraken

USS Lagarto

USS Lapon

USS Lion Fish

USS Lizardfish

USS Loggerhead

USS Macabi

USS Mackerel

USS Manta

USS Mapiro

USS Marlin

USS Mingo

USS Medregal

USS Menhaden

USS Moray

USS Muskallunge

USS Narwhal

USS Nautilus

USS Nautilus 2

USS Paddle

USS Parche

USS Pampanito

USS Pargo SS 264

USS Perch SS 176

USS Permit SS 178

USS Peto SS 265

USS Pickerel SS 177

USS Picuda SS 382

USS Pike SS 173

USS Pilotfish SS 386

USS Pintado SS 387

USS Pipefish SS 388

USS Plaice SS 390

USS Plunger SS 179

USS Pogy SS 266

USS Pollack SS 180

USS Pomfret SS 391

USS Pompano SS 181

USS Pompon SS 267

USS Porpoise SS 172

USS Puffer

USS Queenfish SS 393

USS Quillback SS 424

USS Rasher SS 269

USS Raton SS 270

USS Ray SS 271

USS Razorback SS 394

USS Redfin SS 272

USS Red Fish

USS Robalo

USS Rock

USS Ronquil

USS Runner SS-275

USS Runner SS-476


USS S-20

USS S-46

USS Sabalo

USS Sablefish

USS Silversides

USS Sirago

USS Spinax

USS Springer

USS Sterlet

USS Tang

USS Threadfin

USS Tinosa

USS Tirante

USS Torsk

USS Trumpet Fish

USS Von Steuben (SSBN-632)

USS Wahoo

USS Whale

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